Entry #1

Hullo out there!

2011-01-16 09:52:07 by JaggedEdges

Hiya anyone reading this! I doubt anyone would, since i havent actually submitted anything. lol. but anyways, i'm hoping to get atleast SOMETHING up in the next couple of months or so, but dont hold me to that. It's bad enough that i've got school work. The last thing i did to do with anything vaguely video-related was that i submitted a gameplay vid of me playing mw2 on youtube. That short, 2-3 min clip managed to make me spend 2 hours of editing, from one main piece of 15 minute gameplay. Damn. Anyways, dont be too hopeful on me getting anything out there, and if i do it'll probably get blammed for being completely crap , but meh.

Jagged Edge.


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2011-01-18 20:48:04

Ok hopefully it's good! try hard on it!


2011-01-26 13:41:06

'have something to say against the French?...


2011-01-31 08:30:38

yo remember me im the guy who gived u 5/5 inur submission